This Romantic Tragedy seek singer and bass player

This Romantic Tragedy seek singer and bass player

tragic-hero-records6Post-hardcore, screamo act This Romantic Tragedy are seeking a new singer and bass player. Check to see if you meet their requirements, and if you do you can shoot them a video of yourself performing one of their songs and you just might become the next This Romantic Tragedy band member. Good luck!

The band’s latest album “Trust in Fear” was released on Tragic Hero records this past September.

If you didn’t know already, we are looking for a full-time vocalist as well as a new bass player!

Check the requirements below, It could be you!

If you’re a singer, we are looking for someone who can sing. Sing and scream, not just scream.

We are looking for a vocalist and a bass player:
– 16-20 years old
– Experience
– Fully Committed to the band
– Able to tour excessively
– Equipment
– Stage Presence
– Amazing Stage Performance
– Great band image
– Transportation
– No Drinking/Drugs
– Not a turd
– Singing/​​​Screaming a plus
– Live in Las Vegas or willing to relocate

To try out! Learn one of our songs, film it, put it on youtube and send it to our email at trtmusic@​​​yahoo.​​​com.
(This way it is easier rather than having you come here for a tryout.)

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