Tim Timebomb streams new cover song “Daydreamin'”

Tim Timebomb streams new cover song “Daydreamin'”

This is the second time (and probably last) today that we reported that Tim Timebomb and Friends were streaming a new song. The new song they are streaming this time is “Daydreamin'”, which is a cover of the Bud Deckelman classic, which was recorded way back in 1955, long before “punk” even existed. Tim on the song:

“”Daydreamin'” was a honky tonker by Bud Deckelman. The song was actually the B-side of “Let’s Pretend”, the only 7″ single that he recorded for Memphis based Meteor Records in 1955. Meteor hoped to increase the audience for their R&B based country music outside of the South, where Bud was from, by opening a branch of their record label in Hollywood. Bud also recorded a single for Stomper Time Records–also out of Memphis, which had a stable chock full of Hillbillies and Rockabillies. Here’s our take on Daydreamin’.”

Click here to check it out.

Tim Timebomb is the latest side project from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong who has been releasing a long series of singles on iTunes every week since the beginning of December 2012 through Hellcat Records.

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