Tim Timebomb streams “The Long Black Veil”

Tim Timebomb streams “The Long Black Veil”

Tim Timebomb and Friends, the latest side project from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, are streaming a cover of “The Long Black Veil”.  Here’s what Tim had to say about it:

“It’s Thursday and we have already recorded two murder ballads. This one was a hit in 1959 for Lefty Frizell and was co-written by Marijohn Wilkin, who was a successful Nashville songwriter. The song’s about a gravesite that’s visited by a woman in a black veil. In that grave is a man who was falsely accused of murder & executed. That man took a secret to the grave with him. The tale is told from his point of view”

You can stream the song here.

Tim Timebomb and Friends have been releasing a long series of singles on iTunes every week since the beginning of December 2012 through Hellcat Records.

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