Top Drawer Records announce “14 Soda Punx” compilation, “Seattle Pop Punk Festival”

Top Drawer Records announce “14 Soda Punx” compilation, “Seattle Pop Punk Festival”

In 1993, Sicko front man Ean Hernandez’ label, Top Drawer Records released ’13 Soda Punx’, with Fastbacks, Sicko, Huevos Rancheros, Old Man, Model Rockets, Mr T Experience, Stand GT, The Stuppes, Young Fresh Fellows, The Primate 5, Bum, Cub, and The Smugglers.

Now 23 years later, they have announced the 2nd edition: ‘14 Soda Punx, with a mountain of Seattle based pop-punk bands such as Success, Burn Burn Burn, Ramona and more. The LP will be released and shipped following the 2 day Seattle Pop-Punk Music Festival on January 19 and 20 at the Highline in Seattle. To coincide with the release of the LP, Top Drawer Records will host a two-day music festival.

You can check out the compilation and festival information below.

You can pre-order the compilation on vinyl here.


Track listing:
1. Success – “Kurt Bloch”
2. Ramona – “Token”
3. Coyote Bred – “Pile”
4. Foxhole Norman – “Bullet Proof”
5. Shadow Cats – “Paranoia”
6. Burn Burn Burn – “What Doing”
7. Choke the Pope – “Snowflake”
8. Four Lights – “Leave You Guessing”
9. Stuperhero – “Buckets of Blood”
10. Botherations – “Amor Perdido”
11. The Drolls – “Getting Old”
12. Date Night With Brian – “Get It In”
13. Listen Lady – “Just Cause”
14. Dead Bars – “Krist Noveselic’s New Band”

Dead Bars
Four Lights
Sicko (reunion)
Burn Burn Burn
Choke the Pope

Stupor hero 

Day 2 – Saturday January 20th 2018– $10

The K Streets (Featuring members of Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows, Thee Sgt. Major III)
Listen Lady
Foxhole Norman
Coyote Bred
Shadow Cats
The Drolls
Date Night With Brian 

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