Trapped Under Ice stir up trouble in Germany

Trapped Under Ice stir up trouble in Germany

Maryland hardcore act Trapped Under Ice are in the spotlight this week for a fight that broke out during their show with Madball in Essen, Germany. While details are still foggy at this moment, reports are coming in that Trapped Under Ice seemed to have one-uped Ben Weasel at SXSW. It is being alleged that while performing March 26th, Trapped Under Ice vocalist Justice Tripp fell into the crowd after someone in the crowd did a pile-on/stage dive. Tripp then reacted by punching the fan in the face two times before being joined by their guitarist who continued beating the fan.

Jumping back on stage, Tripp said “I’m not a fucking superhero, don’t jump on me, don’t you fucking hit me” and continued to taunt the crowd member for several minutes. The altercation resulted with the fan suffering from a broken jaw that required surgery.

Apparently, Justice did issue a formal apology which can be read here.

As so many things are these days, the entire incident was captured on camera and can be seen here.

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