Two Tongues to record sophomore album

Two Tongues to record sophomore album

Max Bemis (Say Anything) recently sat down to do an interview with AbsolutePunk, during which he made mention that he would love to get started on a second Two Tongues album with Chris Conley (Saves the Day). Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I’m doing a new Painful Splits record that’s gonna come out this summer and so there’s definitely gonna be a lot of stuff in between there. Me and Chris currently have been talking about doing the second Two Tongues record, which will probably be next year as well. But we’ve wanting to do a second record from the beginning – when we were recording the first we were like, “we gotta make like a million records,” but we’re both so busy. But we’re definitely starting to get the gears going on that.”

You can read the whole thing here. There’s no other mention of Two Tongues though.

Two Tongues released their self titled debut in 2009 via Vagrant Records.

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