Video: Fletcher (Pennywise) helps create decor for punk themed restaurant

Video: Fletcher (Pennywise) helps create decor for punk themed restaurant

A few weeks ago a brand new restaurant called Abigaile opened up literally around the corner from the Dying Scene headquarters in Hermosa Beach, California.  As it turns out, 30 years ago the exact same building used to be known as “The Church” and it functioned as a living and rehearsal space for some of punk and hardcore’s most influential bands.  Members of Black Flag literally lived out of a closet there, sleeping where they rehearsed, and bands like Descendents, Redd Kross, Circle Jerks, and The Last all came through the space at one time or another. SST Records, founded by Black Flag’s Greg Ginn, was even run out of a large rented room at the back of the Church for a time.

Eventually the location was bought, refurbished, and eventually morphed into a bar/restaurant that showed no evidence of the locale’s punk rock roots.  That is until the owners of Abigaile decided to call in Pennywise‘s Fletcher Dragge to help with the decor.  He and some of the fellas from a local tattoo shop studied the portion of a documentary called “The Decline of Western Civilization” that was shot inside the Church and have recreated some of the graffiti that can be seen on the walls. They also added their own touches including reproduced flyers from some of the hardcore shows in and around the South Bay and LA during those years up.

You can watch a video that captures Fletcher, Andrea, Charles and Jeremy, all of 3rd St. Tattoo, on the first night they took to the walls of Abigaile right here.

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