World/Inferno Friendship Society kicked off tour after alleged altercation

World/Inferno Friendship Society kicked off tour after alleged altercation

Old school punk band The Adicts have removed circus punk ensemble World/Inferno Friendship Society from their U.S. tour following an incident in where Kid (Adicts drummer) punched W/IFS frontman Jack Terricloth (pictured on left) in the face following their set. Here’s Terricloth’s statement:

“Kid, the drummer from The Adicts punched me in the face after I told him he did a great show and asked if would there be an encore. I was shocked and did not respond in kind, as both Monkey (the Adicts singer) and Scruff (their rhythm guitar player) asked me not to, as Kid was very upset about some other matter.

In fact, I don’t think Kid even knew who he was punching. Instead of a handshake and a pint afterwards, World/Inferno were told the next day that we were no longer on the remainder of the tour. We are very sorry to any ticket holders who were cheated out of seeing us in Cleveland.

Thank you to all The DC punks who came to the house party the kids at Wasted Dream were kind enough to let us host-the dancing was great and Hell, my voice could use a night off anyway. Using our optimism, creative thinking, and very basic desire to play for you guys we’ve set up a show in Chicago ’cause just going home is not our style.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. There is a really funny joke I’m dying to make. Next time we meet please ask me about it.”

If anybody has any pictures or video from the show, we’d love to see ’em!

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