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Multimediatician living and working in North Hollywood. I publish the majority of my material on my website but also work full-time for Kevin Smith’s company SModCo & am the DJ of the award winning podcast Hollywood Babble-On.

I recently completed my new short-movie Rodney Redbottom, look for it at a film-festival near you very soon.
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DIY or DIE: 5 Steps To Creating Your Own Badass Stencil

Since my first DIY article on how to make a punk-rock vest was met with universal acclaim (and a good amount of shit talking), I’ve decided to tackle the concept of how to make a stencil as a follow up. Stencil’s are great for so many things; you can spray-paint band logos on your leather […]

5 Steps To Creating Your Own Long Lasting Punk Rock Vest

From promoting shows to creating your own punk vest one of the best things about the punk scene is its DIY mentality. Sometimes, however, doing it yourself is easier said than done and for this reason I’ve decided to write a series of articles here on Dying Scene to help you with your DIY undertakings. […]