Band Spotlight – The Dreadnoughts

dreadnoughts-spotlight1The Dreadnoughts.  Aptly named after after a one of a kind legendary battleship, this ragged and torrid crew of Vancouver cider punks have stormed the seas of horrible music and destroyed everything in their path. Their only weapons a violin, mandolin, guitars and drums, they have shouted their sea chanteys in glorious victory more times than they will drunkenly admit.  Formed in 2006, at East Vancouver’s Ivanhoe Bar, the ska-hating, cider swilling misfits have proven time and time again that polkas and punk can, in fact, coincide. The Dreadnoughts currently have an arsenal of two amazing albums and an entire blog chocked full of their world-wide shenanigans. With songs about female pirates, memorable areas in their hometown, booze and out of control parties, it would be hard to imagine a laid back & relaxing show with The Dreadnoughts.  Get more acquainted with their music on their MySpace.

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