Friendly Fire

Established Date: 2016 Record Label: Unsigned Bandcamp Link: Listen on Bandcamp

Formed in 2016 in Jacksonville, FL as an excuse to play around guitarist and song writer, Josh Sanders’ neighborhood bars and ‘temporarily’ named after a jawbreaker song on the eve of the first of those very bar shows. The band started taking things a little more seriously with the addition of guitarist and recording engineer, Chad O’Quinn, Now being able to record and release music the band decided to record a full length. Tragically, O’Quinn passed away unexpectedly before vocals were recorded and 3 weeks before the band was set to play FEST in Gainesville. Luckily, a few of Sanders’ friends came to the rescue including Ben Bennett of Kid You Not and Warren Cooke of local friends Flag on Fire, and the show was able to go on and serve as a memorial for friends in the scene to pay their respects to Chad. After a few months of inactivity and a couple of members moving on ,the band was able to acquire the the tracks for the album they’d been working on and finish it, around the same time new drummer/ singer and songwriter, Cheyenne Lefaivre entered the fold and the band began writing and recording again, as well as playing shows all around the southern states. The ‘terminal wanderlust’ LP was released on vinyl one year after O’Quinn’s passing in October 2019.