Members: Kayvon; Leo; Josh Established Date: 2020 Record Label: Unsigned

Kayvon, Leo, and Josh formed N0t Listed together through meeting in the NYC underground queer circuit. While each band member is from a different ethnic background; Kayvon is Iranian American, Josh is Mexican American and Leo is African American, they were all born and raised in the south. Together they wanted to create a project that would embrace who they are and celebrate their queerness. N0t Listed as a group name derives from the feeling of not fitting into any of life’s multiple choices. The guys each fall under a different aspect of the LGBTQIA umbrella; Josh identifies as gay, Leo identifies as bisexual and Kayvon feels closest to pansexual. The group formed over a year ago and has created over a dozen songs. N0tlisted writes their own music and Josh does all the production in his studio apartment. The project is inspired by pop culture, feminine iconology, R&B and 80s + 90s nostalgia.