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100 Demons

100 Demons
Hometown: Waterbury, CT Current Label: Deathwish Inc Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Pete Morcey - Vocals
Rich Rosa - Drums
Jeremy Braddock - Guitar
Rick Brayall - Guitar (solos)
Erik Barrett - Bass

100 Demons Bio:

Connecticut has always been a ripe breeding ground for heavy and menacing music. After over hald a decade of progression 100 Demons have risen to the forefront of the influential Connecticut hardcore community. 100 Demons encapsulate a viciousness and ravenous intensity that few could achieve. Their musical approach is a frantic sonic battle of hardcore intensity fused with a gut wrenching metallic precision. Emotionally bare but stronger than all, 100 Demons fight harder and live sicker than their contemporaries could ever imagine.

In 2001, 100 Demons released their now classic "In The Eyes Of The Lord" album on Belgium's Goodlife label. The album became a favorite among many, propelling the band into legendary status within the worldwide hardcore community.

In 2003, 100 Demons released their fantastic "Self Titled" album on Deathwish. The album garnered praise from heavy music press around the worldwide. The band also saw their first major support from MTV and Fuse with this album. Their video for "Repeat Process" continues to have substantial rotation on many video programs around the world.

2006 saw the departure of vocalist Pete Morcey (ex-Higher Force, Forced Reality). Without hesitation, the band tapped original vocalist Bruce Lepage (from the "In The Eyes Of The Lord" album) to return to the band. In mid 2007, Bruce Lepage left the band, and Pete Morcey came back to from the band once again.

Since then, 100 Demons have played occasional shows as well as made Festival appearances.


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