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21 Stories

21 Stories
Hometown: Vienna, Austria Current Label: Carnage Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Pete - Guitar, Lead-Voc.
Andi - Bass, Voc.
Klaus - Drums
Daniel - Guitar, Voc.

21 Stories Bio:

only half of the truth.promise.
The path of 21 stories has been paved since the spring of 2008, taking them away from the countryside and straight to your stages. Continuously searching for a complete and whole truth, the 21s confront their audience with a slamming mixture of punk-rock, streetpunk, ska, skatepunk, melody-core and classic old school elements. The band has already shared the stage with such names as Far From Finished (USA), the legendary U.S. Bombs (USA), Flatfoot 56 (USA), Agnostic Front (USA), The Casualties (USA), Cockney Rejects (UK), Demented Are Go (UK), Pipes & Pints (CZ), The Grit (UK), Donots (GER), Rat City Riot (USA), Delinquent Habits (USA), Fahnenflucht (GER), Heideroosjes (NL), The Dreadnoughts (CAN), Radio Dead Ones (GER), Two Point Eight (SWE), The Toasters (USA), Perkele (SWE), Argy Bargy (UK), Peter & The Test Tube Babies (UK) and many more. After several tours and shows in Austria, Germany (including the famous "Punk&Disorderly Festival" in 2012), Romania, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Moldavia,... the band released their first full-length-LP in summer 2011 as member of the french punk rock community "Carnage Punk Rock" in cooperation with their label "Carnage Recordz", sponsored by "Black Heart" from CZ and "Hearing The Voice" from Austria. Aside from their politically and socially charged songs, the band also offers "don't give a fuck" infused tracks and party songs that will convince you that this band is playing as if it's their last night on stage, forgetting about any bigger issue, however haunting you with the ideas that form the scene they are a part of, a scene built by those who speak against commercial fads, those who raise their voices against dishonest behavior and step in for anything worth stepping on.


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