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Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Terror .45 Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dylan Zink - Vocals
Kevin Kitley - Bass
AJAX - Lead Guitar
Jose Rendon - Drums

Three8Zero8 Bio:

Three8Zero8 is a rock and roll band that was originally started in March 2008 by singer/writer Dylan Zink, following the tragic death of his long-time best friend, Shaun Adam Vilan, who was shot and killed by a drunken off-duty police officer. Shaun Adam Vilan, 30 years old, beloved father, son, brother, best friend, and lover, was senselessly shot by an intoxicated off-duty Costa Mesa police officer, Scott Dibble, at the annual Rod Run car show in Old Town Temecula on March 8th, 2008. No criminal charges were brought up on this drunken cop at the time but the case is still pending with a civil law suit against the police officer and the participating restaurants which is underway. In one month, immediately following Shaun’s murder, Dylan, and Shaun’s cousin James Lara, wrote 12 complete songs. The result is their debut album Til Death, a tribute to Shaun Vilan, and Shaun’s son, Dillan. The significance of the album is to develop an awareness about Shaun’s untimely death and to show how much Shaun was loved and how close the members of 3 8-0-8 were to him. The band wants the memory of Shaun Vilan and his spirit to be apparent. It is their belief the album came together with a force far greater then themselves; for 3 8-0-8 there is no other explanation considering the very short timeline in which the album came to fruition. “This is Shaun’s final gift to the people he loved the most; we are just glad to be part of it, and we would like everyone to join us in a celebration of his life through music,” said Zink. Once the album was complete Dylan immediately begin building 3 8-0-8 for a live act and first called upon his long time best friend and fellow brother of Shaun’s, Kevin Kitley to play bass guitar. Both had always been musically inclined and jammed together there whole lives and Dylan knew that Kevin would be perfect for the job. Dylan played bass in thriving bands, No Dice (where he also played with current 3-8-0-8 guitarist Mike), and was lead singer for the Wrecking Dead, while guitar was more of a hobby for Kevin. It made sense that the two would eventually end up in this band together. The band now includes four full time members: Dylan Zink, vocals; Kevin Kitley, bass; Ajax, lead guitar; and, Jose Rendon, drums. All members hail from Los Angeles, CA. Ajax's most recent project before joining 3808 was lead singer and guitar for Napoleon Blownaparts, a national touring act that has opened up for Kiss. We met Ajax at a Viper Room show we played is September of 2009. As soon as he heard 3808 he knew he must be part of this band and pursued the challenge and as of November 14th, 2009 has become the solo guitar player for our band. Jose Rendon has played drums in several touring bands such as Red Cavalier, The Take Downs and Odd Faces. Their sound is rock and roll/punk/ska, which they in part attribute to their wide variety of musical influences such as: The Clash, Rancid, Johnny Thunders, Guns N' Roses, Mike Ness, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, The Jam and David Bowie. The band holds down respect for “roots” music and tries to keep it to the rawest form of rock n roll. And, 3 8-0-8 songs “Devil’s Eyes,” “LA Story,” “Fed Hate,” and “Adalitas,” invoke such ska and blues elements, while “Static Radio” and “Hard City Blues,” have strong rock-n-roll, even Rockabilly, tendencies. “We just want to play music that makes people want to move,” explains front man, Dylan. With one CD, produced by Time Again’s (Hellcat Records) Daniel Dart, of Riot Riot Studios, 3 8-0-8 are a Terror .45 label favorite, and have a dedicated page on; though, not officially signed by the label they are regulars in the Terror45Records Hollywood rehearsal studio. 3-8-0-8 will be sharing the stage this year with successful artists: The Starfuckers, The Gobshytes, Time Again, The Neighborhood Bullys, etc. And, since their first show, in May 2009, the band has booked and played shows through out Los Angeles. and up and down the Hollywood Sunset Strip., Orange County, Riverside County, Arizona, and Las Vegas. During the first four months select 3 8-0-8 songs were available on MySpace these songs received 10,000 plays. When people ask what 3 8-0-8 means the band will explain it is the date Shaun Vilan passed, and that it was from out of that tragedy and injustice that their band was born.


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    I appreciate your music

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    Nice work.

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