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A Dying Breed

A Dying Breed
Hometown: Providence, RI Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Josh Barone, Jamie Gazzero, Vic Foley, Derek Malone

A Dying Breed Bio:

Blue collar blood and sweat..

A Dying Breed started in 1990 in the Rhode Island basements of Shawn Robertson, Mike Conti, and D-Rock (Derek Malone). At the ages of 14-16 years of age, Vic, Derek and Josh and former members Mike and Shawn started A Dying Breed. The band was heavily influenced by NY and Boston Hardcore bands. In 1992, they recorded their first demo, "Dig Down," at Danger multi-track studio (Providence).

After the release of the demo, Mike Conti was replaced by Chris Bowers. They went on to perform with Madball, Sick Of it All, The Bruisers, Murphy's Law and more. The band stopped playing in 1994. In 2012, the band got together to play a 20-year reunion show with Rhode Island hardcore legends Are We Dead Yet. Now with original drummer/songwriter Derek back on drums and Jamie Gazerro on bass, A Dying Breed is back and ready to play. LP in the works.

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