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Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships
Hometown: Ontario, Canada Current Label: Velocity Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Hailing straight from the club district of Toronto ON, Abandon All Ships are six proud guid's, who spend their time, pumping fists, breaking noses and making music.Completely turning the modern music scene upside down with their unique mix of hardcore, euro and dance, they spent 2009 heavily touring North America on the release of their self titled/self released debut EP. With a new record on deck for release, and a tour schedule that won't let up, 2010 is looking like a prosperous year for these 6 good looking young guids."It only takes 9 pounds of pressure to break a nose" -Pauly D, Jersey Shore

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  1. ClaudiaJensen2/12/2016 3:52 AM | Permalink

    Lovely teal work

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