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Hometown: Berkshire Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: James, Johnny, Sean, Rich, Vince

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"I feel like there's three stages when you're a young musician" says Abandoner guitarist Vince Ives, "when you start, you're not great at your instruments and you write really basic songs as it's literally all you're capable of. Then you get a little older, you get a little better and all of a sudden you're writing the most complex, OTT stuff and it's technical and it's probably too much. Where you want to be is the stage just after that, where you recognise that just because you CAN do all that complex, techy material doesn't mean that you necessarily should. That's where I think we're at now".
Formed as a fun project to do outside of their other bands back in 2008, the band played a handful of shows in '09 with the likes of Young Guns, Don Broco, Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis before life and other commitments put things on hold until three years later. Now resurrected and with Abandoner the full focus of their commitment, the band have twice hit the studio with producer Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino, Mallory Knox) to capture recent single 'Feast For the Crows' ( and the forthcoming 'The Spectator'. Both combine powerful riffs with catchy vocals bringing to mind bands like Norma Jean & The Bled, and the band's imminent return to the live scene is likely to bring them further attention. "We don't want our gigs to be like every other show" adds bassist Rich Hall, "we want them to be events. I think we were thirty seconds into our first ever live set when I looked over and realised I couldn't see Sean (Irwin, vocals) on the stage. Then I looked up and there he was, hanging from the ceiling by his legs".
You don't want to miss this.

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