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Addiction Effect

Addiction Effect
Hometown: Mohave Valley, Arizona Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: El Roacho- Vocals/Guitar
Dan - Bass
Skini - Drums

Addiction Effect Bio:

EL ROACHO been writing punk rock for over 12 years,and has been in the scene for the same amount of time.Was picked up by the socal punk band(20%)TWENTY PERCENT in 1997 took over lead vocals and introducing his music and lyrics to the scene.Through the years opening for NOFX,STRUNG OUT,YOUTH BRIGADE,KOTTONMOUTHKINGS,SWINGING UTTERS,LAGWAGON,and other fat bands managed to release (DMV) on (short music for short people) off of fatwreckords world wide in 2000 it was only the start.Now he has come to form (ADDICTION EFFECT) with SKINI and fingers DAN BOY.SKINI has played every instrument since he was 6 years of age,playing in a road band for 5 years as a drummer,his diverse playing tech is unique ranges from(CREEDENCE CLEARWATER to SLIPKNOTT)but his heart is punk rock,also a great guitar player.SKINI and EL ROACHO have played together for 5 years on making the right project and finding the chemistry needed to put it down for the scene.They found the missing piece of the puzzle DAN (Fingers) to play the bass, (its like he signed with the devil)he is like Les Claypool from PRIMUS on crack,just absolutely shreds the scales and had what it takes,for only just picking up the bass in the last few years he is all natural sickness and was the final piece of this addiction(punk rock)All three of these crazy musicians came together to create (ADDICTION EFFECT) out of fort mohave,az in NOV 2008- currently working on first album to be out by next year JAN 2010 hopefully to influence the music industry for years to come, stay tuned world, to GET ADDICTED!!!! S

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