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Band Members: Andrew Wilkins-Guitars
instagram - @beerzum

Taylor Chalk-Vocals
instagram - @taylorchalk

Blaine Wood-Guitars
instagram - @blaine_hellonearth

Josh McElroy-Drums
instagram - @josh_advocate

Advocate Bio:

​Advocate leapt head-first into the fray in early 2014, diving into Oklahoma’s music scene and playing as many live shows as possible while beginning the writing and recording process for their debut effort, Provost & Judge. Everything about Advocate serves as evidence of their determination to creating and delivering music to heavy music enthusiasts—whether it be their early shows as regional support for established metalcore and death metal bands like Yüth Forever (formerly Villains), Kingmaker and Dark Sermon, or their ferocious work ethic in the studio for their debut EP. Never slowing down, the band spent the summer of 2014 working diligently on their debut EP while serving as regional support for touring bands passing through Oklahoma--until September came, bringing their first tour, supporting Texan heavyweights I AM and Triumph Over Shipwreck on a short weekend run. Shortly after returning, the band announced a release date for their debut EP, Provost & Judge. A brilliant blend of blackened, harsh metal and atmospheric, doom-tinted deathcore, Advocate’s debut release was met with an array of critical praise, pushing them into 2015 with momentum to spare. Refusing to settle down, the band announced another tour—sponsored by Pure Deathcore—in which they would be supporting Insvrgence (Innerstrength Records) and sharing the stage once more with I AM. As 2015 carried on, the band kept pushing forward, announcing they would be beginning the writing process for a 2016 full-length release, as well as headlining their first tour in August with support from Texan deathcore outfit Of Ruins.
​Since their inception, Advocate have worked diligently to deliver a unique style of sinister aggression to their followers, motivated to extend their reach to fans of all things heavy around the world. As 2015 came to an end, seeing the band embark on two successful tours as well as serving as regional support for a number of esteemed metal and hardcore acts, 2016 sees the band looking towards their future. Signing to Innerstrength Records in January of 2016, Advocate are looking to release a full-length album that sees them drawing influence from frenzied, frantic styles of hardcore—a la Ion Dissonance—and smashing it head-on against Behemoth-like black metal stylings, while retaining their own unique penchant for groove and catchiness. Not only that, but Advocate aim to take their new, refined sound on the road, hitting venues familiar and foreign during the coming year. With a unique style and an unstoppable drive, there is no question—Advocate is the band heavy music truly needs.

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