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Agador Spartacus

Agador Spartacus
Hometown: Hamburg and Ruhr, Germany Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Sir Lesley Adam Pay - Vox/Guitar
Dæns - Guitar/Vox
Thomchete - Bass/Vox
Mr. Abra Cadabracus - Drums

Agador Spartacus Bio:

Summoned in 2011.

Resides in Germany’s Ruhr area and in Hamburg.

Plays alternative / post punk.

Released “Agadorable”, a 5 track EP in 2014. Shot “Scissor Sisters & Brothers”, a video clip. Jesus said he liked it. Released “Agadawesome“, the second EP in 2015. Put even more pressure on musicians around the globe by releasing "Agastonishing" in early 2019. Is content with any attention whatsoever.

Puns before guns.

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