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Hometown: Antwerpen, Belgium Current Label: Funtime Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Thomas Franck – Bass
Jan Verhoeven – Guitar
Daniël van Pijlen – Guitar & Vocals
Jef De Smet – Drums

Altitude Bio:

Altitude has many strong suits, not in the least their energizing live performances driven by tight drums and catchy hooks. What sets them apart from other bands is that Altitude isn't afraid to let other genres echo through their instantly recognizable punk rock DNA. This keeps them sounding both fresh and familiar at the same time, much like a brand new pair of the All Stars you've worn for the last decade.

After releasing their first demo in 2011, Altitude continued playing their fast and poppy punk rock songs at shows of increasing sizes, including a support show for legendary band Strung Out at the equally legendary venue Lintfabriek.

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