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Angry Agency

Angry Agency
Hometown: London, Ontario Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tim (Bass)
Kreg (Vocals)
Mike (Guitar)
Cory (Guitar/Vocals)
Tim (Bari Sax)
Brendan (Drums)
Greg (Trumpet)

Angry Agency Bio:

Angry Agency is a hardworking ska-punk-hardcore band from London Ontario. Their ballistic on-stage performances have been keeping the ska kids dancing, the punk kids moshing and the hardcore kids floor punching since 2000. Their songs filled with catchy sing-along choruses, punchy horns as well as shredding and dive-bombing guitars have asserted Angry Agency as a force in the burgeoning Ontario ska-punk scene. Their politically charged lyrics serve as a challenge to lose the apathy and guilt that plague the North American political landscape and to actively engage the issues that face humanity. The band’s commitment to political activism has been a hallmark of the group since its inception as the band has organized and participated in many benefit shows for Ontario charities such as: ReForest London, The London Humane Society, The London Food Bank, The Toronto Food Bank, The Unity Project, Street Connection, Rock For Humanity, Rock Against Racism, Food Not Bombs and Anti-Racist Action. AA has released three full length albums entitled “This is What Democracy Looks Like”(2002), “The End Of an Era”(2004), and “Calling Out To A World Divided”(2006) which was recorded in the band’s own Trackfire Studio. The band has done two Western Canadian tours as well as two Eastern Canadian tours on top of constant Ontario touring.


  1. punkacrosstheglobe
    PunkAcrossTheGlobe7/30/2012 3:46 AM | Permalink

    If you guys are interested I’d like to get you on our Ska Punk International compilation? If so, there’s info on how you can submit to it on our profile.


    Kyle Thunder
    Punk Across The Globe

  2. Video: Angry Agency (ska-punk) reunited and practicing a few songs for one time show12/14/2013 11:32 AM | Permalink

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