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Hometown: PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania Current Label: No Idea Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Dan Yemin
Jeff Ziga
Mike McKee
Atom Goren

Armalite Bio:

Hi. My name is Atom, and I play in a band called Armalite. We’ve been practicing together for about three years now, and played at least as many shows (at most, eight). Armalite is composed of four busy-ish, older-ish(?) folks. Most of us play in other, full-on bands, and all of us have stuff that makes it near impossible for Armalite to play outside of the Philadelphia metropolitan area on a regular, or even occasional basis. So far, this is quite a sales pitch, no? Dan Yemin currently screams, writes songs, and plays guitar occasionally for Paint It Black, and has been in a bunch of bands that people liked, and continue to like, such as Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and even briefly played guitar for the pile of shit Ressurection. Mike McKee currently also plays guitar, and sings in Amateur Party (which has a way better name than Armalite… come to think of it, few bands don’t…. maybe the punksters Total Society don’t), screamed for Philly hardcore doods and doodette Kill the Man Who Questions, and is the editor of a decidedly non pile-of-shit magazine from Philadelphia called Rockpile. Jeff Ziga currently plays drums for True If Destroyed, Affirmative Action Jackson, and a rock n’ roll band camp during the summer. Me? I’m a dad of a twenty month old, who is nicknamed ‘The Potato’, and I teach high school physics and chemistry. I used to do a one person band-ish thing called Atom and His Package, but missed playing loud guitar with humans. We’re four friends who play music together in Armalite purely because it’s fun. We like writing songs, and playing them together in Mike’s basement. We recorded a bunch of them and godamnit, we WILL play some shows. What does it sound like? Hmmm… Mike likes Ignition a LOT, and I am a sucker for pop… Dan & Jeff know the difference between coming in on the ‘1’ and the ‘and’, and Mike and I fake it. Hope you like it. Thanks. Mike McKee: singer, guitar-er Dan Yemin: bass-er Jeff Ziga: drummer, background singer Atom Goren: singer, guitar-er


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