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Arm The Masses

Arm The Masses
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Taylor

Arm The Masses Bio:

We are Arm The Masses a six piece metalcore/electronica band from Cincinnati,OH. We all come from a different background in music and all equally bring something different to the table. All of us started in different bands and came together to form this line up Winter/Spring 2009. We thrive on our catchy choruses, unique keys and clean singing to please the fans.

Arm The Masses started in the winter of 2007 to try to bring a style of music that appeals to just about everyone. We did kind of take a break to reform but now are back with the best line up yet and some new songs that are pushing our limits. We have got support from some great fans and venues. We believe our live show is a fun experience and want everyone to come out and have fun sometime.

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