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A Second Plan

A Second Plan
Hometown: Elysion, France Current Label: Bells On Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Kevin "Darth Kirious": Vocals
Nicolas "Kiri King": Guitar
Ayoun"Hara Kiri": Guitar
Duke "Kirikou": Bass
Hughes "Freddy Merkiri": Drums

A Second Plan Bio:

A SECOND PLAN (ex- Straighten Things Out) started out back in 2005.

Mainly influenced by 90’s Swedish and Californian movements, the Frenchies mix pure melodic, fast, technical efficient Punk Rock with various pop, rock, alternative, death or heavy metal, offering a wide range of explosive songs with various tones and real unique shades, combined to past and current personal experiences, political activist and anti-globalization lyrics.

Their new EP "CALIFORNIUM" is due out for spring 2011... Stay tuned!!!

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