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Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia Current Label: Tribunal Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: nathan - vocals
scott - guitar
alan - bass
jacob - guitar
james - drums

Asecretdeath Bio:

In the vast abyss of a dark open sky, a lone storm cloud sits hauntingly, watching and stalking one filth driven town. On that particular night during the great year of 2002 that storm cloud drew forth all of it's might and lay to groung the most furious and powerful strike of thunder that has ever plagued time. That lightning somehow spawned a band of 5 unlikely dudes from the sunny shores of the Gold Coast and that band was................ ASECRETDEATH The band you all know and love, ASECRETDEATH put back what's been missing in music for years, SOMETHING AWESOME! an original blend that will take you to the edge of chaotic furious brutality, then bring you back via the doomiest place of doom, thus thrusting you into the most mesmerising epic music ever.. EVER. In 2008 the worlds most anticipated full-length album finally saw the light of day in Australia through SKULL AND BONES RECORDS/STOMP. 2009 will see it released finally to the rest of the world..

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