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At the Heart of it

At the Heart of it
Hometown: Manchester, NH Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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At the Heart of it is, in the simplest form, a post-hardcore band from New Hampshire.

Sharing a distinct desire to create a relevant and passionate expression of how they see themselves and the world around them; their ambition manifests in the form of unique and, at times, heart wrenching music that is both introspective and deeply engaging. Transformed by the human condition and the countless hardships life continually throws their way, At the Heart of it’s songs tell comprehensive stories that invoke a strong sense of empathy and hope in the listener.

The most important influence in song writing is their general belief in human equality, community within music, and their drive to create art that will inspire and positively impact the lives of the people that it touches. They also champion the belief that music is a tool for social awareness and inciting change, and a means to open the lines of communication with their listeners. They believe that music is not a static form of art, but an ever-changing, constantly evolving dialogue that is only understood completely in a live setting

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