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Hometown: Southeastern, Massachusetts Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: BRIAN

Auburn Bio:

AUBURN consists of five of the hardest working guys in all of New England. The band has been together since the year 2006 and working themselves into the ground ever since. With their fast, heavy and southern influenced rock 'n' roll these guys have played shows all over New England and doing other assorted tours that have brought them to places that they might not have ever seen without playing music.

The guys of AUBURN have released one ep through Blue Duck Records on January 13, 2009 titled Baisc Instructions Before Leaving Earth or B.I.B.L.E for short. This ep displayed to everyone all over the country that AUBURN is really a band to watch out for. The one thing that the entire band holds close to their hearts other than music is their faith. Without being a band who preaches, all of the members of the band hold their faith extremely close to their hearts.

Brian, Vinnie, Johnny, Rocky and Ricky are five of the most genuine people you will ever meet. These guys also make up the band who you are now listening to, AUBURN. The band has released two brand new songs produced and recorded by Chris Curran and Brandon Davis at Webster Lake Studio and mastered by Jay Deluca. With these new songs they have also released an official music video for a song off their ep, "Like Trying To Kiss A Freight Train". If you aren't roped in by the music these guys make, then check out this video or make it out to a show as they'll be sure to win you over with their energetic live performance.

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