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Autistic Chainsaw

Autistic Chainsaw
Hometown: Lancaster, California Current Label: No Sleep Records
Band Members: Tony Peligro Schnitzel - Drums
Kenneth Catando - Bass
Jesse Taylor Seïbel - Vocals/Guitar
Kameron Chance - Guitar

Autistic Chainsaw Bio:

The story of how this band initiated is rather cliché. Jesse and Tony met at a Leftöver Crack show in Lancaster and decided to form a band a few months later along with Kenny whom originally knew nothing about playing bass, but quickly began to pick up the style Tony and Jesse have fostered. After many arrangements via jobs, schools, and housing, they met Kameron at Lumberfest where he fronted a Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute band righteously titled Dani California. Autistic Chainsaw has built itself into being not only one of the most shocking and politically-driven skapunk bands in not only the Antelope Valley, but in all of Southern California.

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