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Avoid One Thing

Avoid One Thing
Hometown: Boston, MA Current Label: SideOneDummy Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Joe Gittleman
Amy Griffin
John Lynch

Avoid One Thing Bio:

Right Here Where You Left Me has been in the works for a long time but I was never sure it would come out... I held these tunes close and kept writing through life changes and challenges of the past 15 years. In the end, this project came together when I needed it most.

Much of the record deals with being too loaded to remember how things got fucked up, growing old and feeling stuck, fighting mental illness, getting sober, making amends, falling in love and being happy.

Co-writer/guitarist Amy Griffin, drummer John Lynch and I recorded this record with the ever talented producer/engineer Paul Kolderie (BossToneS, Radiohead, Morphine, Pixies).

Along the way we received vital musical contributions from friends including Greg Carr (posthumous lyrical contribution on "Solitary Man"), original Avoid One Thing guitarist Paul Delano, David Minehan (The Neighborhoods, The Replacements) Tim Brennan (Dropkick Murphys) and Grammy Award-winning producer Ted Hutt. Oh, and my mom took the cover shot around the corner from our house in 1970.

Right Here Where You Left Me was recorded in just five days between Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham, MA and my house in Vermont. It was then tweaked, fixed and mixed over the course of a year or so at Kolderie’s home studio in Hoosick, NY.

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