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A WarAgainstSound

A WarAgainstSound
Hometown: Blackburn, United Kingdom Current Label: TNS Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: A bunch of dudes.

A WarAgainstSound Bio:

Basically... 4 crazy idiots residing around the Blackburn/Manchester area. AWAS play fast, heavy & technical Ska-Core and have an insanely good time doing so. We will play in your grandmas kitchen if you ask us to! We love doing what we do...

In the past 2 years A WarAgainstSound have been privileged (and lucky) to play with some awesome bands, including:
We Are The Union (USA), Sonic Boom Six, Random Hand, This Is A Standoff (Canada), Rentokill (Austria), Chief, From Plan To Progress, Babar Luck, Mouthwash, Nana's Revenge, Anonymous Tip, Beat The Red Light, Minus Society, Joey Terrifying, Almeida, Newbridge Downfall, Templeton Pek, X-State Ride (Italy), Short On Time (Belgium), The Ruined, The Hostiles, 3 Minute Warning, The Hijacks and Fake Problems (USA).
With air play on the Mike Davies Radio 1 punk rock show, and having done an 8 date self booked UK tour stretching from Plymouth to Manchester, along with a recent 24 date summer tour fully investigating the North along with the South and everything in between. The latest release 'TNS008' a 10 track split CD with the bands Stand Out Riot & Sense Of Urgency is available at or please support us best you can and buy a copy off us at a show.

A WarAgainstSound plan to keep touring, keep recording, keep playing shows, keep invading your floors and couches, keep making friends, keep pushing and progressing having the greatest time possible 100% of the time.

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