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Bad Karma Kings

Bad Karma Kings
Hometown: Grand Junction, Colorado Current Label: Make That A Take Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Josh Roberts- Lead Vocals
Christopher Boyd-Guitar, bg vocals
Ryan Willard- Bass
Marc Hoaglund- Drums
James Toyama - Trumpet
Nate Wilson - Saxes
Dan Morris - Trombones

Bad Karma Kings Bio:

A ska/punk band formed over sushi and sake? Grand Junction, CO? Not over dinner, but working at No Coast Sushi, chefs Joshua Roberts(lead vocals), Christopher Boyd(guitar/vocals), James Toyama(trumpet), bartender Nathan Elliot(bass) asked Joe Foelker(drums), Dan Morris(trombone), and Nathan Wilson(saxophone) to join them in forming Bad Karma Kings in June of 2010. With a rehearsal space at the back of the restaurant, they wrote and prepped for conquering Colorado with their infectious party attitudes. But before entering the studio, Elliot was accepted to attend the Conservatory of Recording Artists and Sciences, leaving Shannon Vassen(Foelker’s old bandmate) to step in on bass duties…quite impressively.
In June of 2011, BKK( as the locals say) entered Black In Bluhm Studio in Denver to have Chris Fogal(The Gamits) record Bad Karma King’s first album, “Nothin’ To Lose.” The BKK boys are hungrily looking forward to more touring…to hopefully get that “warm day on the docks” stench off their hands and more of that “rockin’ out with new friends” victory stank on ‘em! CHEERS!

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