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Hometown: Portsmouth, UK Current Label: Boss Tuneage Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Bailey

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Chillerton are three true dudes who, one night in 2002 met on the mean streets of Portsmouth and bonded over a love of gruff and melodic punk and the booze. Since that fateful night we've played LOADS of gigs all over the country, got drunk regularly, practised sporadically, written new songs occasionally, toured annually and met some awesome bands and made some of the greatest friends you could ever wish for! Greg has quit the demon drink making him a more efficient drummer, driver and lover, so Jack and Bailey are drinking for three!!

We have just released our debut FULL LENGTH album, 'Bleak Unison' on Boss Tuneage Records, it took a while we know but it's all done now and we're super happy with it, cheers Aston! If you want to buy one hit the Paypal button to your left, or, if you're still living in the dark ages you can pay by cheque/ concealed cash, just send us a message and we'll sort you right out.

Prior to this we have released a split CD/10" picture disc with When All Else Fails (of which two thirds of them are now You, Me and the Atom Bomb) and a self titled CDEP/7", both of which were released on the now extinct(?) Cat N Cakey Records.

We love nothing more than playing DIY gigs ANYWHERE at ANYTIME so get in touch if you can help us out!!

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