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Banane Metalik

Banane Metalik
Hometown: Bretagne, France Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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The french band BANANE METALIK has baptised their music « Gore'n'roll » and describes it as a mix of horror and rock'n'roll. Their lyrics are inspired by the horrifific culture, exploitation movies and revendicate the refusal of artistic conformity. Along with a go-gore dancer, their shows are real horror films : scenario, make-up, setting...

In 1992, the release of « Sanglantes confessions » gives the band an international recognition, From then, the band started touring all around europe ( france, germany, england, spain, belgium...) and recorded their first album in 1994 « Requiem de la dépravation», Because of its succes, the album was quiclky re edited and benefited from a large distribution, however, the band split up in 1995 and came back in 2005.

After which the band was solicited for a few gigs in France and abroad, banane metalik plays gigs after gigs with succes ( a lot of sold out dates) and decides to record a new album intitled «Sex, blood and gore'n'roll». The succes of the album confirmed the groups notority and re enforced their popularity.

Their new album "Nice to meat you" breaths rock n roll and relevates a slick production on each song. Numerous musical instruments : violin, theremin, organ tortured by a good dose of punk garage, a mexican trumpet from the grave, spices up the songs.

Without forgetting the participation of renouned guests like Loran from Berurier noir on "Fight la propaganda", Duche from Nevrotic explosion and Laurent from Mass murderers on viva gore n roll, Ella from Madkaps, The final result is feroce without concession , 14 songs as sexy as macabre.

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    Looking for Unsigned/Indie label Psychobilly bands to feature on our ‘Psychobilly International’ compilation. If you’re interested there is information on what we’re about and how to submit on our profile.


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