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Bella Muerte

Bella Muerte
Hometown: Kansas City, KS Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Chris - Bass
Bret - Keys/Vocals
Josh - Guitar/Vocals
Mace - Drums

Bella Muerte Bio:

Becoming the perfect embodiment of "DIY", vocalist/keytarist Bret Liber, vocalist/guitarist Josh Hurst, bassist Chris Goodman, and drummer Mace May have gone from a modest group of players to a well-oiled machine and business. The four have used their individual talents for the benefit of the group, from booking their own cross-country tours to screen printing their own shirts and merchandise. This past spring of 2013 the four have worked hard self producing their own music and graphic arts which will be released starting this fall.

Despite various setbacks such as lineup changes, lost/stolen gear, and broken tour vans, the members of Bella Muerte have taken their experiences and matured as musicians and songwriters. Starting with their new single "Ice King", Bella Muerte is pushing the envelope and their fans's expectations for style and sound. The combination of adrenaline-pumping tracks with soaring electronics serve as the perfect chaotic backdrop for their newfound vocals. Bret and Josh now sing, scream, and harmonize their way through the Bella Muerte repertoire in addition to their duties as musicians and songwriters.

With new music recorded and ready to be released, Bella Muerte will soon convert new listeners into die-hard fans with their eclectic brand of metalcore and electronic pop/punk. Look for big things coming soon!


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