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Hometown: Gainesville, Florida Current Label: TKO Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Bill McFadden- loud mumbling, guitar (1994-2005)*
Robert Sessions- guitar (1994-2003)*
Chris Arocha- bass (1994-1998)*
Kevin Crook- drums (1994-1999)*
Will Thomas- bass (1999), drums (1999-2003)* James Ross- bass (1999)
Mike Mutti- bass (2000-2003)*
Tom Yen- bass (2004-2005)
Eddie Auletta- guitar (2004)
Paulie Yaremko- drums (2004)
Tommy Gonzalez- drums (2005)
Brad Teeter- guitar (2005) *

Beltones Bio:

formed in 1994 in fort lauderdale, florida. released two full lengths on tko records and four 7"s, numerous compilations. drove around a bunch. took a plane or two.

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