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Billy Reese Peters

Billy Reese Peters
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida Current Label: No Idea Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Will Thomas - drums
PJ Fancher - guitar
Jack Bailey - guitar
Mike Collins - bass guitar & back vox
Aaron Lay - "singing"

Billy Reese Peters Bio:

We used to hang out alot and get wasted(we still do). We decided to form a band the way most dudes do, out of an extreme hankering to rock and a whole lot of free time. Original lineup was Aaron, Mike, Sean, Pat and Scott. Scott was in Los Canadians and other south Florida bands before moving to Gainesville to attend school. We honed our signature sound with Scott on the drums. He then wanted something else and moved to SF. We then got Dub-T(Will of Grabass Charlestons) to take Scott's place. He was a perfect fit as he liked to get wasted, played drums, already knew all of us, and he liked to get wasted. We played many a fucking show as this lineup. This lineup probably saw the second longest stint. We got banned from bars and clubs all over the state, ruined at least 3 free beer policies for bands, and sold millions of records. We put out a split with Will's other band, Grabass Charlestons. Pat then decided to move to south Florida again and we employed the services of one Peter James Fancher (Peej, also of Grabass). We then somehow toured the entire U.S. in Balls Deep (R.I.P.). You might have seen us. We were the weirdos that you thought were weird. We did another tour on the west coast and then we stopped touring because we were too busy listening to classic rock, watching football, and making hamburgers. Sean and Mike then birthed the wildly successful Hair Beard Combo(probably the best band ever). If you wanna come uncontrollably, you should check out that shit. Sean then moved to Wasteoftimeville and the band has pressed on with the services of Jack Bailey helping out the cause on second chair guitar. Jack had formerly rocked in Army of Ponch. Ok, we now reach present day. We've been a band for 7 years and we are now putting out our first LP. It will be out on No Idea sometime in the next year, hopefully. Come to the Fest and check us out.

Ciao, Mike

p.s. if you ever go to Lincoln, Nebraska, don't do the "cocaine".

uhhh...update? 8/28/07: We recently realized that next July 4th(2008), we'll be ten. As in ten years old. We played our first show on July 4th, 1998 at our buddys' house. I don't know if this means we should stop or never stop. I think we should stop after that until July 4th, 2018 when we are all dead and come back as our former selves when we were like 12 which would be awesome. I think I got my first boner then. We'd probably kick ass!!!!

Sincerely, Drunk Mike

These are our "releases":

Split LP/CD - Billy Reese Peters/Grabass Charlestons(2002)
CD - Almost Heaven(2006)

yup, that's it, nine years and 1.5 "releases".


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