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Bitchin Summer

Bitchin Summer
Hometown: Portland, Oregon Current Label: Fail Safe Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Led - Guitar/Vocals
Chrsitopher - Guitar
Rachel - Bass
Jones - Drums

Bitchin Summer Bio:

Bitchin Summer is an actual boiling pot of sweet rock. Led, ex: Watch It Burn frontman caught up with Jones in the basement , ex: Skyscraper drummer. The rock was so on they would actually rent a house just for the rock. They began to create sweet sounding rock songs to dance and drink to. Bitchin Summer would start playing shows with the Draft, and The Lawrence Arms, after a few stabs, and a few members gone, all that was needed was another guitar player that could keep up with Led's sweet riffs. The position would go to ex: Deadmandisco singer/guitar player Christopher Bivin. After one more small lineup change, the loss of the previous bass player and the addition of Rachel as master bass shredder, Bitchin Summer now has female sensibilities too, even if Rachel loves Norwegian Death Metal.

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