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Black Furies

Black Furies
Hometown: San Francisco, California Current Label: Gearhead Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Cliff Truesdell: Sings and plays guitar
Clint Blatchford: Plays guitar and sings
Michael Scanland: Plays bass and sings
Mark Adams: Plays drums and surfs

Black Furies Bio:

With an uncompromising nod to the formative years of Punk Rock along with an enthusiasm for '50's Rock and Roll and '80's Hardcore, the Black Furies are a unique hybrid that is 1 part Punk spontaneity, 1 part Rock rigidity and 2 parts out of control.
Founded in 2001 by vocalist/guitarist Cliff Truesdell along with bassist Michael Scanland, the Black Furies sought out lead guitarist Clint Blatchford who signed on in 2002. With the later addition of drummer Mark Adams in 2004 the Black Furies line-up was solidified, followed closely by a signing with Gearhead Records in 2005.
Relentlessly loud and bursting with raw energy, the Black Furies are like a reincarnation of an era of music where everything was new and nothing taboo. Blood, sweat and broken guitar strings are commonplace on their stage. From Vans Warped Tour to supporting the Supersuckers, their musical versatility has an ability to cross genres and leave both Punk fans and Rock and Roll fans thirsty for more.

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