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Bonsai Kitten

Bonsai Kitten
Hometown: Berlin, Germany Current Label: Wolverine Records Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: Tiger Lilly Marleen: LeadVox
Hajo Sun: Guitar
Krczycz: UprightBass
Alexx DeLarge: Drums

Bonsai Kitten Bio:

When there is a genre for the own musical creations missing, one either has to weirdly name it "a mixture of..." or just come up with a new trademark for the own style of music. The Berlin combo BONSAI KITTEN did just that by labeling their mixture of NEWPUNK and ROCKABILLY simply as "KILLBILLY". It contains explosive own compositions next to well-known, yet energetically shagged songs from the 80is and 90ies. Founded by the female singer Tiger Lilly Marleen in early 2005, grasping lots of attention within a wee of time, BONSAI KITTEN soon released their self-entitled debut album on the Japanese record-label "ON THE HILL" in 2007. The Lady Tiger Lilly Marleen lives up her name by wearing sexy outfits in leopard-print to rock the stage and sing the songs with a husky alto and full body action. All songs are performed with heavy speed by KRCZYCZ double-bass and HAJO SUN´s electric guitar to ignite the explosive material with a feisty punkrock attitude. To top it all off, drummer ALEXX Delarge´s beats it all down to a burning boiling point of music. All in all BONSAI KITTEN sum up to a rock..n..roll driven combo of dedicated musicians, who cleverly merge all different kinds of music styles into a spicy killbilly party. They do their jobs whole-hearted, sexy and with a lot of fun.

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