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Boot Liquor

Boot Liquor
Hometown: Seattle, Washington Current Label: Bottlecap Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: JAMES -vocals/guitar
ROB -bass guitar
JACK -drums
BARON MIKE -guitar

Boot Liquor Bio:

The nucleus of Boot Liquor formed when singer/guitarist James Dail began recruiting like-minded musicians in 2001. Raised in Birmingham, UK, James found himself swept into the second wave of punk in the early 1980s. After a stint playing with the now-defunct band Loose Change, he moved to the states, settled in Seattle, and resumed writing music. James was joined by Rob Innes (bass), Brett Whistler (guitar) and Dru Martin (drums); Rob and Dru both refugees from the frozen wastelands of Alaska, and Brett a talented, young guitarist from the Jersey shores.

The four of them got busy writing and rehearsing. Rather than being a source of artistic contention, the disparate backgrounds of the individual band members served to imbue the band with a well roundedness that is evident in their music. James' cynicism and biting social commentary is tempered by the younger members' youthful exuberance. Likewise, his propensity to indulge a musical sweet tooth is often balanced by the rhythm section's need to play hard. Together, they are more than the sum of their parts.

Soon, Boot Liquor had put together a repertoire of over 20 original songs, and in 2003 they began gigging around Seattle, playing regularly at the Lobo Saloon, the Fun House, and elsewhere. Audience reaction has been consistently favorable, particularly among ardent music fans. In late 2004, Boot Liquor employed the services of Conrad Uno at the legendary Egg Studios and recorded a 14 song demo, showcasing the best of the bands work to date........

Fast forward to 2007, after a couple years off, James and Rob posted ads for guitar and drums. Jack filled their needs on drums and now Baron Mike fills the role of Guitarist.
Boot Liquor is currently playing shows in an area near you.

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