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Born To Lose

Born To Lose
Hometown: AUSTIN, Texas Current Label: Altercation Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Chris Klinck - vocals
Ben Ballard - guitar/vocals
Chris Hausen - bass
Chris Rupp - guitar

Born To Lose Bio:

BORN TO LOSE is an all out punk-rock-and-roll assault that will make you grab a beer and sing along. Described as "Working Class Pop Punk," and/or "Pub Punk," BORN TO LOSE uses the combination of catchy, beer-drenched vocal melodies, anthemic, sing-along choruses, and in your face rock & roll guitar solos to create a good time that can be enjoyed by mohawks, pop-punk kids, as well as whiskey-breathed rednecks.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, and born out of the ashes of a defunct local quartet, they solidified and defined their sound in early 2000 with a solid line-up and new name. Within three months, BORN TO LOSE recorded and released their debut EP "Here's To You" and immediately began building a strong and loyal local following. The band continued to play shows, all the while writing songs and building up funds to record a second album. In the Summer of 2001, the follow-up LP "Dreams Die Fast" emerged, and upon its belated release was greeted with excellent praise from fans, new and old. A scant 3 months after the release of "Dreams Die Fast" BORN TO LOSE got a itch to go back into the studio. This time the product is the brief but powerful EP "Our World".

BORN TO LOSE has been featured on several local and national compilations, including's "Austin Punk Rock Vol. 1", FastMusic's "Punk Vs. Emo," and Austin radio station 101X's "HomeGrown Live Vol. 1."

They continue to play shows to an ever-expanding fan base, and are looking forward to getting more drinking buddies in other states in the near future.


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