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Botox Party

Botox Party
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Current Label: Raise Your Fist Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Chuck (Guitar, vocals)
Danny (Bass, vocals)
Ricky (Drums)

Botox Party Bio:

RVA Magazine Vol.4 issue 3 Botox Party would have thrived in the late 80's East Bay punk scene. The 13 new songs and three re-recorded songs from their debut EP land somewhere in the middle of Operation Ivy, Green Day and Crimpshrine. After playing at 924 Gilman, however, the guys would have probably slipped out the back to catch a Testament show. The foundations for most of Botox Party's songs lie in Chuck's complicated thrash riffs (see "Elitist Social Class" and "No Ambition," which recall Slayer and Maiden respectively). Brian (drums) and Danny (bass) are more than capable of keeping up, integrating their melodic hardcore bounce that drives the songs fast-forward. It's a fresh sound for punk rock that succeeds largely because they play as a single unit, all three featured prominently in Todd Corvin's (Living Room Studios) final mix. The very first track, "Scared Of Living", demonstrates an increased sense of (ins)urgency from the band - "scared of living, scared of dying, why's this life worth living when you're afraid of trying?" Throughout the CD, Botox Party aggressively confront interpersonal turmoil ("Self-inflicted Brain Damage") and fight stagnation with Molotov Cocktails ("Separation", "No Ambition). The gritty backup vocals of Danny Dangerous add fire to the flames of discontent, while testifying to crust and New York hardcore inspirations. In the end, Botox Party claim co0ntrol over their lives so they can help others do the same. So the message is simple, but the music is not always. But isn't punk all about blasting the status quo and embracing the idiosyncrasies of a diverse community? Botox Party have done their part by delivering a stick of dynamite within this dynamic punk rock record. - Mike Rutz

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  1. sean_wro
    sean_wro6/29/2013 9:17 AM | Permalink

    do you guys have a website or a facebook?

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