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Bourbon DK

Bourbon DK
Hometown: Burlington Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Curb Stomp Cooper- vocals
Maximus Crime- guitar- backup vox
Eric McKay- bass
Matt "sticks" Frazer- drums

Bourbon DK Bio:

With hard-hitting and high energy shows that have been mesmerizing the local punk scene, Bourbon DK bring a special blend of music with catchy lyrics, in-your-face punk and chillin’ ska that can’t be found anywhere else. Bourbon DK, Brewed in Burlington.

Bourbon DK was formed in the summer of 2010 by four people who wanted to create a different sound from other bands in the area. A very crowd friendly band, Bourbon DK is bringing catchy songs to the stage about getting drunk, remembering the good ol’ days and ensures no one leaves a show sober. Their music is filled with roaring vocals, screeching guitar, rhythmic bass lines and booming percussion that is generating new fans all the time in the local punk scene.

Their first “legendary” gig was at The Legendary Red Rooster in Burlington, in Dec 2010, alongside Ghetto Blaster and Delinquints as part of Delinquints’ “Out On Bail” east coast tour of which their liquor soaked antics can be found in the tour videos. Bourbon DK’s fifth gig was at Lee’s Palace, opening for Delinquints’ “Holidays” Video Release party in Feb 2011. Their debut EP entitled “Hooligans” will be released in the summer of 2012. They have shared the stage with many great bands including Flatfoot 56, Dayglo Abortions, Delinquints, Ghetto Blaster, Skullians, You Handsome Devil, Hold A Grudge, Meh, The Crack Squad, Blind Cats, The Pre-Nods and many other great local bands. They will continue to play shows across the GTA and expand out further in Ontario and eventually across the nation. They are bringing back the punk scene to Burlington by putting on shows at the Formac, the best bar in the neighbourhood, and showin’ everyone how a good time is to be had. You will either get drunk or be kindly asked to leave (well, maybe not so kindly). Bourbon DK is here to play music, have a good time and keep the punk scene alive for years to come.

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