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Hometown: PA/NJ, Pennsylvania Current Label: Screaming Crow Records & PR Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Mad Joe Black & James "Stickman" - Vocals
OG Richie Krutch/Chris M - Guitars
Evan One - Bass
Battle - Drums

Boxcutter Bio:

Boasting members of Wisdom in Chains (Eulogy), Fury of Five (Victory/Century Media), Out Ta Win (Triple Crown) and PA hardcore legends Krutch, this all-star motley crew of Hardcore and underground Hip Hop thugs is back with their third and hardest release to date, "The Ill Testament."

This new molotov cocktail will also feature two, North America only, bonus tracks taken from the now out of print first LP, "Pittbull Ways." Recorded and mixed by Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain, Bloodclot, Built Upon Frustration) with cover art by Craig Holloway (Agnostic Front).

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