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Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out
Hometown: toronto area, Ontario Current Label: Ferret Music Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Connor Lovat-Fraser: vocals
Jeff Davis: guitar/vocals
Dave Costa: bass
Andy Lewis - guitar
Ben Arseneau - drums

Boys Night Out Bio:

It's hard to think of a more definitive statement from a band than a self-titled album. Often times it's a group's debut, setting the blueprint for years to come. But when it's a move enacted by a band that's already built a following on the road and garnered critical acclaim with a handful of albums? Now that is a bold, bare-knuckled declaration.

Boys Night Out's eponymous new album demands to be heard, now. The greatest live band from the Great White North has hit their stride, throwing progressive guitar work in the mix with dark pop and heavy but loose rock n' roll. While countless new bands rely on tired, rehashed images to sell themselves to kids, Boys Night Out recognize the need for real bands to step forth from the shadows and deliver the goods.

"So many bands prey on kids wanting to attach themselves to something with their 'look,'" says guitarist Jeff Davis. "And they back up their 'look' with terrible music."

Boys Night Out are a band who blended melody with abrasion long before Rolling Stone was hip to the term "screamo." New songs like "Up with Me," "The Push and Pull" and "Swift and Unforgiving" are the latest salvos in the band's determined war on dishonesty.

"We are focused entirely on writing honest music that is straight from the heart," says Davis. "We're not out to sell ourselves, or trick anybody. We just do what we do, no bullshit, and we make no apologies for it."

Boys Night Out's first EP, Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses, got the ball rolling in 2002 and set things up nicely for Make Yourself Sick, their Ferret Music debut. The video for "I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking My Face in Other People's Business" was an underground smash. Trainwreck blew open the doors, with the band's dark wit poking through even stronger from within the music's sick pop structures. A new guitarist has brought even more flair into the group's ranks, resulting in their strongest work yet.

Lou Giordano produced the new album, carrying a resume with seminal hardcore bands like SSD next to The Lemonheads, Sunny Day Real Estate and Taking Back Sunday. – "he's done some great sounding records with a very diverse roster of bands. He liked our demo's and what we were trying to accomplish, and was on board with it right away. He's got a great ear for what sounds good, and we knew he would be a great help in making this a better record." says Davis.

Riff-tastic and near prog-like guitars crash into rousing sing-a-longs, built around dark subject matter (this is the band who made a concept album called Trainwreck), are all over the new album. With a foot planted firmly in the rule-breaking bile of punk rock and another foot standing on the melodic sensibility of Knapsack, Foo Fighters or even Third Eye Blind, Boys Night Out's music sounds so honest because they always set out to please themselves first and foremost. "Really the only thing we wanted to accomplish was to make a record that we would want to listen to," Davis says. "That's all we ever try to do when making music. We always write for us."


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