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Brain Shake

Brain Shake
Hometown: France Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tom : Lead vocals/Guitar
Arthur : Back vocals/Guitar
Adrian : Vocals/Bass
Jeremy : Drums

Brain Shake Bio:

After a solid bunch of shows and tours across Europe since 2008, Brain Shake is there spreading their word with a first released album under the belt since october 2009, "Human Comedy" (11 tracks full-length album, mixed by Chazz Rabble at Number 8 Wire Recording, Auckland-New Zealand).
No doubt, Brain Shake is influenced by the likes of The Clash, Social Distortion, Rancid and The Briggs, it's all about raw, catchy and soulful PUNK ROCK from the roots, tinted of mini-anthematic choruses.

Addicted to the road, sharing scenes with acts such as The Briggs, The Rabble, Far From Finished, Strung Out, Uncommonmenfrommars, Rat City Riot and many more, Brain Shake is definitively a live band composed of raw kids all in their early 20s’.
Based in Baiona, Basque Country, all they know is ban the routine, get in the van, party hard and go touring.

The Boys spent the summer 2010 at the Graveyard studio in Austria, recording a second album titled "Pills&Love" (release january 2011 on Carnage Records), served by 13 tracks of what they call “Youngblood Punk Rock’n Roll”, drawing styles from anthematic punk rock, pure rock’n roll, dancing ska, psycho tunes and melodic stuff.

2010 was a blast, touring over France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, and their loved land the Basque Country.
BRAIN SHAKE is preparing to hit the road all february long to rock European main cities.

Buckle up, turn on the volume, listen to the songs and imagine the potential of this real hard working young band…..

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