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Brew 36

Brew 36
Hometown: Berlin, GE Current Label: Long Beach Records Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Valerio

Brew 36 Bio:

BREW36 blends members of Offenders & The Real Mckenzies to bring a uniquely crafted punk rock n' roll sound. Forget any other taste, Brew36 hits you hard at first sip! Smooth and rough taste, singalongs and melodic anthems...that's the brew for the street kids!

With a name that pays homage to drinking in the streets of Kreuzberg, Berlin where the band first met, BREW 36 combines members of Offenders & The Real McKenzies to deliver a uniquely crafted punk rock ‘n' roll blend that hits hard right from the first taste. Forget any other recipe - strong melodies and robust sing-alongs make BREW 36 the street kids brew of choice.
Familiar with each others’ reputations as rock ‘n’ roll road dogs, Valerio and Checco (Offenders) and Vlad (The Real Mckenzies), were eager to play together, and made quick work of turning talk into action when the idea was born to form a power trio that mixes 80s British Oi with 90s American punk.
After months of sharing demos long-distance to nail down the band’s epic sound, BREW 36 reunited back in Kreuzberg to record their debut full length LP, “Our Brew” for Longbeach Europe.
“Our Brew“ hits stores in November 2016 and the band will support it with extensive European tour dates booked by Muttis Booking.

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