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Burning Streets

Burning Streets
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Drew (Vocals/Guitar), Chris (Drums), Jewlz (Bass), Zarba (Lead Guitar), D.J. (Guitar)

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"Emerging from the same scene that has produced some of the World's best Punk Rock, Boston based Burning Streets have been playing their very own style since coming together in late 2007.
Known for a heavy hitting, high energy, loud live show Burning Streets has managed tours spanning from California to Czech Republic. Following the 2009 release of their debut album "Is It In Black and White?" on Sailors Grave Records the band spent the bulk of the following months touring across the U.S.A. and Canada. From Halifax to San Diego Burning Streets would roll up to bars and basements in a bright yellow GMC dubbed the "Stinky Twinkie" and bring with them the best live show possible.

In 2011 Burning Streets hit the studio to record their follow up "Sit Still", also released with Sailors Grave Records. Employing the help of ex-Far From Finished drummer Marc Cannatta Burning Streets took a new approach to writing and finished off a cleaner, more mature sophmore release. Coming straight from personal experiences, both good and bad "Sit Still" flows smoothly from start to end mixing in a more complex musical style than the previous album.

The last two years have seen Burning Streets continue to grow and progress forward. With multuple trans-American and Eastern Canadian tours under their belt the band managed to complete two European legs in Oct./Nov 2010 and again in Sept./Oct. 2012.

Having been able to share the stage with numerous headliners over the years such as Street Dogs, Dead Kennedys, Mad Sin, Ducky Boys, Far From Finished, Big D & the Kids Table, The Dickies, Dead to Me and Blitzkid to name a few Burning Streets plans to continue pushing forward and spreading their music across the world.

2014 will bring new songs, new tours and plans of a third full length release. Hitting the studio throughout the winter of '13-'14 Burning Streets will soldier on and continue their quest to be the best band you've never heard of."

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